Fundamentals I

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8/9 Cellular Structures I Cellular Structures II
8/10 Acid-Base Review Part I Amino Acids and Their Proteins
8/11 Introduction to Proteins I Introduction to Proteins II
8/12 Secondary Protein Structure Tertiary Protein Structure
8/13 Protein Folding Quaternary Protein Structures
8/16 Protein Dynamics & Hemoglobin Protein Dynamics II
8/17 Collagen I Collagen Part II  Muscle Proteins
8/18 Carbohydrate Basics Polysaccharides
8/19 Glycoproteins Microbial Polysaccharides
8/20 Enzyme Kinetics I Enzyme Kinetics II



8/23 Catalytic Strategies I Catalytic Strategies II & Enzyme Regulatory Strategies
8/24 Enzyme Regulation Strategies Thermodynamics
8/25 Intro to Metabolism Intro to Metabolism II and Glycolysis
8/26 Oxidative Phosphoylation The TCA Cycle
8/27 Gluconeogensis PPP
8/30 Glycogen Metabolism Nitrogen Acquisition and Amino Acid Metabolism
8/31 Amino Acid Synthesis Synthesis and Degradation
9/1 Synthesis and Degradation of Nucleotides Lipids Structures and Types
9/2 Lipid Catalysis Lipid Synthesis
9/3 Integration of Metabolism Membrane Lipids



9/7 Membranes and Solute Water Mvt I Membranes and Solute - Water Mvt II
9/8 Membrane and Solute - Water Mvt III Physiological Calculations and Review
9/9 DNA Replication, Recomb, Etc. DNA Structure
9/10 DNA Replication, Recomb, Etc. II Gene Expression
9/13 Gene Expression in Eukaryotes Prok and Euk Gene Expression
9/14 Post-Transcriptional Regulation RNA Structure
9/15 Protein Synthesis I RNA and post transcriptional
9/16 Hormones Protein Synthesis II
9/17 Peptide Hormones Steroid and Thyroid Hormones



9/20 Classical Genetics Neurotransmitters
9/21 Eukaryotic Chromosome Organization Genes and Gene Mutations
9/22 Genetic Investigation Techniques The Genetics of Cancer
9/23 Basic Concepts of Immunology Cells of the Immune System
9/24 Antibody Structure and Function Antigen-Antibody Reactions
9/27 Antibodies and T Cell Receptor Genetics Cytokines
9/28 The Complement System  
9/29 Lymphocyte Trafficking MHC
9/30 Antigen Presentation Mucosal Immunology
10/1 B-T Cell Activation Final Immunology Overview


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