Fundamentals II

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10/18  Bacterial Structure Bacterial Physiology Bacterial Genetics
10/19 Bacterial Pathogenesis I Bacterial Pathogenesis II
10/20 Anaerobic Bacteria Mycobacteria
10/21 Gram Positive Cocci
10/25 Neisseria and Chlamydia Gram Negative Bacteria Mycoplasmas and Fastidious Gram Neg Bacteria
10/27 Spirochetes and Rickettsiae Mycology
10/28 Virology Eukaryotic Parasites
10/29 DNA Viruses Positive Sense RNA Viruses



11/1 Negative Sense RNA Viruses Human Tissues I Human Tissues II
11/2 Human Tissues III Human Tissues IV
11/5 Cell Injury Cell Injury IP Lab
11/8 Cell Adaptation Cellular Adaptation IP Lab
11/10 Cell Inflammation IP Lab Genetic Metabolic Diseases I
11/11 Genetic Disorders Genetic Disorders IP Lab



11/15 Pathology of Infectious Disease I Pathology of Infectious Disease II
11/16 Infant and Childhood Diseases Infant and Childhood Diseases IP Lab
11/17 Environmental Pathology Primary Immunodeficiencies
11/18 Environmental Pathology IP Lab Immunopathology I
11/19 Immunopathology II Immunopathology II IP Lab
11/22 AIDS Tumor Viruses



11/23 Priniciples of Pharmacology I Principles of Pharmacology II
11/29 Drug, Targets, Classes Pharmacokinetics
11/30 Pharmacokinetics II Drug Metabolism
12/1 Sympathetic Agonists and Antagonists Sympathetic Agonists and Antagonists
12/2 Pharmacogenetics Cholinergic Agonists and Antagonists
12/3 Cholinergic and Anti-Cholinergic Drugs Leukotrienes, Gout and NSAIDs
12/6 Antiviral and Anti-AIDS Agents I Antiviral and Anti-AIDS Agents II
12/7 Parasitic Diseases Chemotherapy
12/8 Antibiotics II Antibiotics III
12/9 Chemotherapy II Cancer II
12/10 Principles of Toxicology Drug Regulation and Prescription Writing



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